• Nikhil Arora

    Nikhil Arora

    Getting into the crypto space.

  • Adrienne Domingus

    Adrienne Domingus

    Senior Software Engineer | www.adriennedomingus.com

  • Jacky


  • Shoaib Bhimani

    Shoaib Bhimani

    Frontend Engineer | Youtuber | Currently into ReactJS, Redux, and Mobx https://www.shoaibbhimani.com/

  • Tauan Tathiell

    Tauan Tathiell

    Front End Developer at XP Inc

  • Sjur Grønningsæter

    Sjur Grønningsæter

    Design system dude @ NAV

  • Drew Burdick

    Drew Burdick

    Experience design leader at @SlalomCLT. Always game to talk about coffee, food, travel, & design systems.

  • Richard Hess

    Richard Hess

    Working on cool stuff with Cloud technologies... #NeverStopLearning

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