On Design System Support

Having a Support Mindset


We Start with Empathy

We Celebrate Questions

  • You found a bug? Thanks for raising that!
  • You don’t understand the docs? Appreciate the feedback!
  • You don’t know how to build with our components? Let’s work it out!
  • You created a sandbox and filed an issue? You absolute legend!

We Build Community

We Work on Two Levels

  • Understanding their use case
  • Verifying the solution makes sense
  • Showing them how to customize icon colors
  • Assessing how well our docs explain how to customize icon color
  • Updating our component to make icon color modifications more intuitive
  • Understanding why product designers are opting for custom icon colors

Addressing the Immediate Concern

  • This would create an inaccessible or non-inclusive experience
  • This would create something completely divergent from our design system
  • This would create serious technical limitations for other consumers

Addressing Larger System Concerns


Thanks for Reading!



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